Adventures Of A Fluffy, White “Blankie”

There once was a beautiful, soft, fluffy, snow white blanket.

It was given to a baby, just 2 months old.

The baby gave the blanket so much love.

Baby held it close to her.

Baby loved to softly caress and sniff her blanket.

Baby kept her blanket by her side every moment of the day and night.

Soon Baby gave the beautiful blanket a name…Blankie.


One day, Mommy took the Baby shopping.  

Of course, Blankie came along as well.

While Mommy shopped, Baby fell asleep in her stroller.

Mommy continued walking throughout the big store, never noticing that Blankie had fallen out of the stroller.

After visiting a few other stores, Mommy returned to the car, only to find that Blankie was missing!

Baby (who was now 6 months old), was still asleep and did not notice that Blankie was missing.

Mommy re-traced her steps, throughout the stores, but never found Blankie.

When Baby awakened in the car, the first thing she asked for was, “Blankie?”

Mommy (heart breaking), pretended not to hear Baby but hurried back home to pick up her older daughter, Missy, who would help find Baby a new, fluffy, white blanket.

Both Mommy, Missy, and Baby drove to various stores in search of an identical blanket.

After driving to 3 different stores, an identical blanket was finally found!

 Mommy silently opened the package and gave the new blanket to the Baby, hoping Baby would not notice it was different.

“BLANKIE!”, baby shouted!


A grateful Mommy, Missy, and Baby returned home!


When Baby was a bit older, Blankie (#2), fell out of the car as Mommy and Baby were going to work.

Again, Mommy failed to notice that Blankie was not in the stroller.

When the lady at the day care called to ask if Mommy had Blankie, of course, Mommy’s heart broke again.

Mommy hurried out to retrace her steps, to find Blankie.

Blankie was not there.

Mommy began to think that it may be time to let go of Blankie, and simply remember it as a former best blanket.

About 1 hour after giving up the search, Mommy got a call from the front office.

Someone had found a “white” blanket in the parking lot.

They all remembered that Baby had a blanket just like that one and wanted to know if it belonged to her!

Blankie had returned again!

When Baby was about 14 months, the family went on a long road trip.

The first stop was at a Holiday Inn, in Louisiana.

Baby and Blankie slept together in a crib that night.

When the family was getting ready to leave that morning, Blankie was hiding among all the white sheets on the bed.

Rushed and in a hurry, the family left and did not notice Blankie was missing–again!

As the family was leaving the State of Louisiana, Baby began calling for Blankie.

After a search of the car, the family realized that Blankie may have stayed behind in the hotel.

Mommy called the Holiday Inn and asked if a white blanket had been found in room 234.

After several transfers, the Housekeeping Department came on the line.

They had Mommy describe the blanket.

The woman in Housekeeping said, “Yes, we found your blanket on the bed.  We will hold it for you until you come back through.”

Mommy told Baby that Blankie liked the hotel so much, it decided to wait for her there.

Although not too happy about not having Blankie, Baby was happy knowing that we would be picking it up on the way home.

And so we did.  

Many years later, Blankie is still with “Baby”(who is no longer a baby).

Blankie is no longer a fluffy, white blanket.

It is gray, tattered and torn.

It is, however, and always will be, loved and treasured by “Baby”, and her whole family.

©Cecilia Buckner,