Survival Guide for Formula 1 at Circuit of the Americas

Are you planning on attending the Formula One Race event in Austin, Texas?  This year the weekend event takes place October 20-22 and it again will prove to be filled with fun and excitement.  In fact this year Circuit of the Americas has some fun new activities for both kids and adults.

In order to maximize your enjoyment at Formula One, here is a list of 11 things you should consider bringing with you, and 5 things you should just leave at home or in your hotel room.   I’ve also included other TIPS for the weekend!  See you there!

What Should I Bring?

  1. An empty or unopened water bottle.  Anything else will NOT be allowed by staff at the gates.  The empty water bottle can be filled at the Water Stations located thoughout the facilty.
  2. Wear closed toe or athletic shoes.  Circuit of the Americas, or COTA is almost 3.4 miles of circuit.  Your parking spot may not be close to the gates so you will need to walk.  Some events are spaced far apart and although there are shuttles, those only take you from one gate to the next.
  3. Bring a hat, cap, or visor and a pair of sunglasses.  Texas is hot and almost always bright and sunny!  All of the Grandstands and Lawn Areas are in the sun.  Only the Main Grandstand will provide some shade.
  4. Do not forget your SUNBLOCK!  It is best to lather it on 30 minutes before arriving at the gates.  I’ve seen many people red as a tomato by the end of the first day!
  5. Mornings may be cooler and it would be smart to not only watch the weather the night before, but also bringing a light jacket will help keep the cool morning air at bay.
  6. A few years ago we had one of our worst rain events in the history of COTA.  It rained just about every single day that year.  That should not happen again; however, I do recommend a foldable poncho, just in case of an unexpected rain.
  7. Dressing in layers will help keep you comfortable all day.
  8. Most people will bring their cell phones, but I’ve heard many say that they cannot get service: therefore, I recommend you bring a set of good old-fashioned Walkie-Talkies with a good range.  This is especially helpful if you and your family plan on going in diferent directions while at COTA.
  9. One of the most beneficial thing you can bring is a clear pocket lanyard.  Some ticket holders will get theirs with their ticket, but most will not.  Ushers will expect to check your ticket just about everywhere you go.  Having the ticket in the clear pocket will be easy for you to keep up with and  eliminate the need to dig into your pockets to search for the ticket every time you go to your seat!
  10.  Bring a light-weight lawn chair.  If you are a GA (general admission) ticket holder you will be allowed to sit anywhere there a lawn space availble.  It’s a great option since you can always get up move to another Turn when you get tired of the one you’ve been watching.
  11. A backpack or a crossbody bag that will hold everyone’s things is better than bringing many small bags and purses.  All bags will be searched so having just one bag will help at entry also.
This gentleman is there every year! Look for him!

What Should I Leave At Home?

  1. Purses that are heavy or too fancy
  2.  Large umbrellas are not allowed in the Grandstands because they obstruct the view of those behind you.  See #3 above.
  3. Shoes with heels or platform shoes.  Although they are fashionable, they are not functional for this event.  See #2 above.
  4. Bags filled with snack foods or drinks are NOT allowed inside the facitily.  You will be asked to leave them at the gate or to return them to your vehicle (I promise you will not want to have to do that).  The only drink allowed is water.  See # 1 above.
  5. Ice chests are also not allowed.  🏁See TIPS below.
The COTA Tower

Other TIPS?

  1. Consider leaving an ice chest filled with ice, drinks and snacks in your car.  Based on where you are parked you can take a shuttle back to your vehicle for a lunch break.
  2. Food prices range anywhere from $8 to $15.  Drinks range from $5 (soda) to $16 (alchoholic)
  3. Many people make most of their souvenier purchases on Friday, leaving Saturday and Sunday open to just view the qualifying races and enjoy the activities.
  4. Be sure to pick up a daily event schedule at the Guest Services tent near the gates.  This will help you plan out your day’s events.
  5. Autograph sessions fill up FAST!  Be sure to get in line early if you want an autograph from your favorite driver.
  6. The big concerts–Stevie Wonder and Justin Timberlake will be on the Big Stage.  Unless you have a specific ticket all others will be on a first come first serve basis.  Be sure to get in line early.

My iPhone Challenge For August

I’m extremely excited to have taken on the August photo challenge presented by #fatmumslimphotooftheday
This challenge has given me another opportunity to practice my iPhone-photography skills.  All Photos were taken with the iPhone 7Plus and edited using the ReTouch app which I reviewed in a previous post.  You can find it here.
She has challenged us to take a photo each day in August, reflecting our representation of the letter of the alphabet.  Find the list here.
I’ve chosen to use words/names of places and things unique to Austin and Central Texas.  If you have ideas for the rest of the letters—please share!

I began August 1 with the letter A


August 2—letter B


August 3—letter C


August 4—letter D


And today’s letter is E……

drumroll, please…..


If you’d like to see the pics I post each day, you can follow me on Instagram.   Just CLICK HERE!

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears—On A Hillside In Austin, Tx

It’s always a fun adventure when you think of something to do at the last minute and it ends up being an unexpected surprise!
My cousins Sylvia and Melinda visited Austin to attend 2 different workshops.  As we were sitting at home one afternoon trying to think of something to do, the word “theater” was mentioned.  This reminded me that there was a performance of the Wizard of Oz scheduled at our local Zilker Hillside Theatre.  All we needed was a blanket to sit on and off we went!
As we approached the theater area, the colorful blankets, umbrellas, and chairs appeared.  It was as if we had walked into a box of bright colors.  It was beautiful!
The performance was excellent!  It followed the original, except with a few lines here and there which added some humor.  It is Austin, after all—keeping it weird is what we do!
It was a fun time!
Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers!


Surprise Meeting!

Ever wonder how many relatives you have yet to meet?  Yes, we all remember all the good times we had with our cousins when we were younger.  But at some time, those same cousins had their own children, who are now grown and on their own.  Unfortunately, due to the mobile society we live in, we sometimes never get to meet those 2nd cousins.
 I recently had the chance to meet my 2nd cousin, Miranda and it was completely by accident.  I was scheduled to pick up my cousin Sylvia, at the airport.  It was a surprise to us all that Miranda happened to be on the same flight into Austin.  I was thrilled to meet Miranda, who happens to be my daughter’s age, and had the pleasure of spending an entire day with her exploring some of Austin’s unique sights.
Our adventure began at 10:00 am, as we walked along South Congress Avenue (also referred to as
SoCo), taking photos and browsing through every little shop.  I had been wanting to visit this area for a while to work on my i-Phonetography, so this was perfect timing.
 We had such a good time getting to know each other, as we walked along admiring all the Austin “weirdness”!

First stop?…The Continental Club.  This is one of the more famous spots in the Austin music scene.  Many big names have performed in this small club, such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Ely, Junior Brown, and even Robert Plant!  

 Judy In Disguise was another interesting stop.  This is where Austinites come to find the perfect costume for any occasion.  In fact, while we were there, a guy came in looking for a tuxedo “costume” for a wedding.  I wondered where his bride would be shopping for her dress–Party City perhaps?
Judy In Disguise, Austin
 We found a cute little shop called Uncommon Objects, and the name truly says it all.  In this shop, we found everything we could possibly imagine and more!  Incredible collections of antiques, fabrics, cameras, even trophy animals!  We spent a long time browsing through this fantastic wonderland of  uncommon objects!
The Tom Store has a location here, and it is a combination Tom shoe store and coffee/bar.  Not only are the shoes really great, but even the coffee and drinks help fulfill their commitment to the One For One promise throughout the world.


As we were walking, we came across this beautiful covered walkway.  As you can see, at the end were flowers and a picture frame.  We were curious and thought we’d walk to the end to see what it was.  It was a marriage proposal that had been prepared for someone.  We practically ran out of there and forgot to take a picture of the vignette he had set up.  Someone is a lucky girl….I hope she said, “Yes!”.

It was a memorable day, for sure!
And then, there was this…

A Moment Never Forgotten

Life sometimes brings us unexpected moments with the special people in our lives.  One such moment happened a few days ago.

My daughter, Missy had asked me to take my granddaughter Guenevere, IMG_0327to her orthodontist appointment.  I was happy to do so, fully expecting that she would want to return home as soon as the appointment was over.

Driving home we passed the small town of Buda (pronounced <byooda>), Texas.  We noticed a new Summer Moon, coffee shop.

Guenevere suggested we stop for a quick coffee.  With the summer heat we both chose iced coffees–Iced Half WinterMoon, and an Iced Spiced Chai.   Both were absolutely delicious and just what we needed!

The shop was fullsizeoutput_b70busy so we sat outside to enjoy our coffee.   I found myself sharing a wonderful moment of conversation with my eldest grandchild.  For a short moment—time stood still.

After our coffee, we walked a bit to take some pictures of this quaint little town.   She may quickly forget the moment we spent there, but it is sure to remain as one of my fondest memories–forever.

“Helotes” means corn?

I can’t think of anything better than visiting an outdoor market on a Saturday morning. Every 1st weekend of every month, Helotes, Texas hosts their Market Days event, so we thought it would be a fun adventure to go there for a visit, and maybe a little shopping.

fullsizeoutput_a73The day began with a stop at a local coffee shop (no, not the one you’re thinking of). We’ve decided to make it a point to find new coffee shops that are locally owned and operated. It was worth it! The Aspen Brew Coffee Shop is cute, cozy, and delicious! One Café Latte, and one Iced Caramel Macchiato, please!  img_5081.jpg
Helotes, Texas is just a short trip Northwest from San Antonio. Upon arriving we immediately noticed the brightly colored flags and the cutest birdhouses ever!

fullsizeoutput_a71As we continued our walk along the shade covered gravel paths we began to feel the warmth of the vendors and guests. Their smiles and friendly manner were appreciated by everyone.  We even made a few friends–the 4-legged kind!  fullsizeoutput_a61

It was fun looking through the antiques at the Old Town Depot Antiques shop. I enjoyed watching Michelle figure out what many of the items were. Surprisingly, I found myself quickly taken back to my childhood and my time spent with my grandparents. fullsizeoutput_a57My grandfathers’ wooden tool box filled with basic, non-electric tools and my grandmothers’ make-up table filled with brushes, old compacts, and silver hand held mirrors.

We did make a few purchases for our upcoming trip in August.

fullsizeoutput_a75            fullsizeoutput_a6f

Michelle found a beautiful duffel bag and matching make-up case. I purchased a small, red zipper bag with a wristlet. Loved the color and it was handmade! That made it all the more special.

fullsizeoutput_a63It was certainly a trip worth taking! If you are ever near Helotes, Texas, especially if it’s during the 1st Saturday and Sunday of the month, I recommend a visit; however, you may want to wait until the Fall…it will be quite a bit cooler!

I’ve included a gallery of some of the pictures we took at the Helotes Market Days.  Do you have a favorite place to go for Market Days events?