iPhone Challenge–Photos

These photos were all taken with the iPhone 7Plus.  I used the editing app ReTouch for removing unwanted lines (wires and cables).  I also used the iPhone’s native editing tools for cropping and lighting.


iPhone Challenge–PhotoToaster App Review

Continuing the challenge–taking great photos using only the i-Phone 7Plus.

In today’s digital world, editing has become a big part of photography.  I focused on a new editing app this week.  It is called PhotoToaster.  You will find it in the AppStore.

The PhotoToaster app requires IOS 8.0 or later.  It is compatible with i-Pone, i-Pad, and i-Pod touch.  There is a one-time cost of $2.99;  however,  although it is not a free app, I’ve already found it to be incredibly useful in creating stunning edited shots.

The photo below was taken at mid-day.  The editing has created a feeling of warmth, as if it had been taken at sunset.

                            This is the original.                                             This is after editing.

Of course, I will continue looking at many of the other features in this editing app, but so far I think it will be well worth the $2.99 I paid.

 Upon opening the app you find 4 links to places you can access the photo you wish to edit:  Recent, Photo Library, Camera, and Clipboard.

Below that, you see a pink box that will take you to the Community / Tutorials area.  This area includes all of the tutorials needed to use in editing.  The tutorials are not in video form, so it is easy to read, try it out,  then return to read it again, if needed.

The editing features include:

There are several other fantastic editing features that I can’t wait to try!

The Community area also includes a variety of “challenges” for the photographer.   They list a Fall Challenge, Sunset Challenge, Ice Challenge, Reflections Challenge and many others.  Each challenge specifies what to focus on, for example, the Ice Challenge focuses on Highlights and Shadows.  These will prove to be very beneficial in improving our i-Phone photos and editing abilities, then sharing them with the PhotoToaster community.

This is an incredible app for the photographer who enjoys editing their photos to add interest and beauty.

Camera Bags and More

A New Photo Challenge

Do you like creating new “challenges” for yourself?  Perhaps, taking a class, learning a new skill, or learning a new language would be interesting?

I have a new photographic challenge for myself.  My challenge, is to use an iPhone 7Plus, for all my photography, leaving my Canon DSLR at home.  Unless otherwise stated, all photos I post, will now be shot with my iPhone.  I will be using a tripod with a smartphone adapter, an Amir HD Lens Kit (I purchased this on Amazon Prime Day, so the price may be different), and a remote shutter.  I will also be experimenting with new photography apps which I hope, will add additional interest to some of the photos.   Of course, I will be sharing what I learn with all of you, my fabulous followers!  Let me know if you have taken on the same challenge, or if you are already a pro at iPhone photography, I hope you’ll share your ideas.

To get me started, I spent a couple of hours at my local Apple Store, attending my first iPhone Photography session!

fullsizeoutput_b98Not only did I enjoy trying out the new features native to my new iPhone 7Plus, I also had the opportunity to meet some great people!  Thanks to Tony, it was a fun learning experience!

If you own any Apple product(s),  and have not tried out one of Apple’s training sessions, I recommend you do.  The trainers are highly knowledgeable and friendly.  They always take time to answer any questions, and are able to give us the latest/greatest new features!  So far, I’ve attended a class on iMovie, iCloud, Music/Photo Storage, and a Project Class where I had pros available to me as I created an iMovie for my mother’s 90th birthday party!  I’ll definitely be checking into other “classes” soon and will keep you posted on any new learning!

I’ve added some of the photos I shot at my training session!