Coming from the great State of Texas, we don’t often see a lot of rainfall.  Sure we get our “bad days” of rain, but overall, it isn’t too bad.

For two Texas girls coming to Niagara Falls was an eye-opener.  Neither of us has ever seen so much water in one place (even the ocean is calmer and quieter).  Immediately, we were drenched in water coming at us from what seemed every direction!  I had expected to get my feet wet due to water along the White Water Boardwalk, but we also had what others were calling “mist” coming down on our heads!  Sorry but for these 2 Texas girls, what you call “mist” is actually a good rain!

After donning our rain ponchos and getting ourselves on track, we headed for the White Water Boardwalk. Apparently, this is a fairly new area and it took us right down to the rushing water.  The colors of the water and the movements of the water were almost mesmerizing.  It was difficult getting our heads around this massive amount of water constantly moving and dancing over the rocks.  I now fully understant why this is one of the great wonders of the world.

The other strange feeling came when we began to realize that the tiny-looking people on the other side of the gorge were standing on US grounds while we remained on Canadian grounds.  It’s hard to imagine that we would not want to both share in the beauty that is Niagara Falls.

The grounds surrounding Niagara Falls are just as stunning as the water.  Beautiful, grand flowers and lawns everywhere you look.  Michelle and I had to force ourselves away from the many varieties of flowers and plants.  So beautiful!

Other sights in and around Niagara Falls, Ontario


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