It almost hurts to say goodbye to this lovely city.  Montreal has introduced us to friendly people, delicious foods, breathtaking sights, and plenty of cultural experiences.  We will miss you Montreal…thank you for the wonderful memories!

Sadly, it is time for us to continue on our journey.  We leave our lovely hotel, have our last espresso, and get on the cab to our next train!

Prior to leaving Montreal, we stopped for dinner at a place which reminded us so much of HOME!

Back at the Montreal Union Station, we find the line for boarding–luckily only a short wait.  The train to Toronto is of significantly better quality than our previous VIA Rail train, but still a bit lacking compared to Amtrak in the US.  The seats on this train were reveresed so I was forced to sit facing the opposite direction as we traveled.  This always makes me a bit dizzy so I had to keep the curtain closed most of the ride.  This explains the lack of pictures of the countryside.

Toronto is immensly different from Montreal.  It is a typical big city with its tall, shiny buildings, lots of traffic, lights, billboards, and your everyday big city stores.  We checked into our hotel The One King West Hotel, settled in and headed out to see some of the tourist sights nearby.

Downtown Toronto, Ontario


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