Montreal is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen in a long time.  It is filled with history, culture, the French language, and its people!
The buildings are centuries old and many have been restored to their full beauty.  There are arches, large stone work, stone carvings, and fountains…many, many fountains!
W spent days walking along the narrow cobblestone streets and just looking up at the walls, gardens, and the simple stairways which were found leading to small apartments on third and fourth level buildings.  Of course, many of the little patios belonging to the people in those apartments are filled with gorgeous, colorful flowers.
The restaurants are all small, cozy, and filled with music and friendly staff!  The food is incredibly rich…seems the French eat lots of cheese, meats, and bread.  Fruit bowls and salads are usually never seen on the menu!  I do believe I’m going to have to double up on my workouts as soon as I return home!
Many of the locals ride bicycles in Montreal.  I’m convinced that all those riders are professional bicyclists and if they have not already entered… SHOULD  be entering the Tour de France.  If they can get across town alive, in all that traffic, they deserve an automatic entry into the race!  Wow!
You will see bicycles parked everywhere you go.  No one seems to bother locking down the bikes–just park them and leave them seems to be the policy.
One thing we were surprised to see in Montreal is phone booths.  They are everywhere!  I rarely see pay phones where I live, much less full phone booths!
Other sights seen along the way…




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