Our first night in Montreal was spent in an amazing restaurant named after the Robin family.  It was rightly named Robin Square and is owned and completely operated by the family.  Mama, as she is lovingly referred to bakes all the bread;
the older brother is the chef; little sister is the highly animated waitress and biggest promoter of this establishment!  The food was astonishingly delicious!   Big Brother Chef has created every meal himself using interesting spices and presentations including smoked pork belly, calamari, risotto, and a unique version of adult mac and cheese using unusual spices.  The line outside led you to know that this is definitely the place to be for an unforgettable meal.
After our meal, we returned to the Place de Armes square directly across from our hotel, located directly next to the Norte Dame basilica.  The Square was filled with music, people sitting, talking, enjoying the cool night air and the beautiful lights surrounding the Square.  The sounds from the fountain in the center of the square added to the peacefulness.
The next day we were finally able to enter this great edifice, and I have to admit, I was left speechless.  The basilica is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  People who worked on this magnificent church building included people who were volunteers wanting to help in its development.  There are wooden carvings everywhere you look.  On each end of the pews are carvings of the apostles, and a few are of Mary herself.  There are statues, stained glass depictions, and sculptures, and so much more you feel as if you have entered heaven on earth.
It is obvious that this is a work of love for Our Lady and one that will live on to speak to all who enter.
 I hope you enjoy the pictures, although they do not even come close to the magnificence you will experience when you are there in person…

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