Remembering all our teachers out there, who are dedicated to making each school year successful for every student in their care.
Day One 
  1. Spend 2-4 hours on Pinterest getting ideas for classroom decor
  2. Visit local Teacher Store
  3. Go through 3 bags full of goodies purchased  at Target, Walmart, and Amazon
  4. Create cozy, yet productive (of course) center areas for Reading, Writing, Science, and Math
  5. Sort out books based on subject, topic, author, and condition of the book!
  6. Fill book boxes and shelves
  7. Go to Walmart (again) to purchase comfy pillows for Read-to-Self time
  8. Lay out a couple of colorful rugs
Day Two  
  1. Go to Target (again) to purchase cool stickers
  2. Stand at the doorway of room to admire…analyze…question…
  3. Re-arrange the furniture
  4. Put up Welcome to Kindergarten, bulletin boards
  5. Set up all technology
  6. Go to Half-Price Books to add to the Classroom Library (must have at least 3,000 books!)
  7. Place stickers on all new books and put in boxes
  8. Decorate classroom door with more Welcome to Kindergarten signs
Day Three    
  1. Spend 2 more hours on Pinterest looking for the perfect “First Day of School” activity
  2. Create lesson plan for the first day of school
  3. Print out 10 different sheets for the Writing Center
  4. Search cabinets for 30 minutes, looking for dice and base ten blocks
  5. Prepare Math center activity boxes for first 2 weeks
  6. Prepare Science center for first 2 weeks
  7. Prepare Home center for first 2 weeks
  8. Label EVERYTHING with all 21 student’s names!
Day Four
  1. Re-do the lesson plan for the first day of school   
  2. Laminate 68 items
  3. Cut out all 68 laminated items 
  4. Fill activity boxes with the corresponding LAMINATED cards
  5. Go outside to find rocks, leaves, dirt samples, and bugs, for Science Center
  6. Go to Walmart (again) to find items for the Home Center
  7. While at Walmart, pick up a package of AirWick Hawaiian scent air freshener
  8. Clear off teacher desk, sink counter, and any other areas needing attention
Day Five
  1.  Stand at the doorway of room to admire, analyze, and just, ACCEPT!
  2. Go to “Getting to Know You” meeting in the Library (or Cafeteria)
  3. Enjoy the breakfast someone brought for teachers
  4. Start “Data Meeting”
  5. Start “Planning Meeting”
  6. Start “Problem-Solving Meeting”
  7. Go out to lunch with friends (this will not happen again until next year, so enjoy it!)
  8. Return to the classroom to….COLLAPSE!  

100 Children’s Books



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