After a long journey, we have finally arrived at our first destination…Hamilton, Ontario, CA.  We had friends pick us up at the Train Station in Aldershot, Ontario, and from there it was a short drive to our Airbnb.
I’m so happy I chose Airbnb to work with.  It has been one of the simplest processes I’ve participated in as we planned this journey.  The apartment we selected was beautifully done and was exactly as it was pictured.  The couple who hosted us were very considerate and helpful in making our stay as smooth as possible.
After our first restful night, we set off early (well, really it was about 11 am) to explore a new hip street called, Locke Street.  It is filled with art, gifts, coffee, restaurants, and much more.  We went into almost every gift shop and even one of the local hair salons!   For lunch, we decided to try a quaint little place called Beverly’s.  We loved the decor and the brunch was so good!  
The weather was terrific!  A high of about 82 and low humidity levels made for a pleasant walk up and down the Locke Street Shops.
In the evening we were invited out to dine at a lovely restaurant in an even smaller town named Ancaster.  There were four of us so we ordered several Tapas to sample several of their specialty dishes.  All were delicious!  
If you ever find yourself in a small town named, Hamilton in Ontario, Canada, I strongly recommend you visit a little street with a great little name—Locke Street.
Tomorrow—back on the VIA Rail train headed to Montreal, Quebec!

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