We rode the Lake Shore Limited from Chicago to Buffalo, NY last night and arrived on time!  
We’ve traveled 1,552.4 miles so far and are happily anticipating our arrival into Canada!
We all know that when vacationing one must always be ready to deal with a few, shall I say inconveniences?
We arrived in Buffalo, NY on time and were ready to roll out again as was scheduled, unfortunately, the Maple Leaf train was delayed 2 hours due to construction outside of Rochester, NY.
We spent the time relaxing, taking photos, and talking with the Amtrak employees behind the counter who were very kind and so friendly.  I wonder if friendliness is one of the requirements at the Amtrak HR department?  It seems that every employee we have ever encountered on Amtrak has been happy, cordial, and super excited to meet and help passengers!
Coming from Texas we are used to seeing English/Spanish translations, but here the signs change to English/French…should have brushed up on my “j’ai besoin d’aide s’il vous plait” (I need help, please)  
One other highlight(?) was watching the landscapers mow and trim the area around the station (okay, well it really wasn’t a highlight, but it helped us forget about the time spent waiting).  Sorry–no pictures of the landscape crew–must have zoned out at that moment.
After finally boarding we were headed to the Canadian border where we would have to present our Passports and baggage.  I was a bit uneasy about the Passport check since I had recently heard horror stories about this process at airports.
Everything could not have gone smoother!  The border agent at the counter was welcoming and expressed her disbelief that we had traveled all the way from Texas!
Passport check-in was quick and well organized. The only bad thing I can say is that the waiting room to re-board the train turned out to be quite crowded, but it was only about a 10-minute wait before we were invited back onto the Maple Leaf train.
Interestingly, while all the passengers are off the train, the Amtrak Maple Leaf transforms from a US train into a Canadian train.  Not kidding…the US staff de-boards and the Canadian staff takes over.  Even the signs within the train are changed–foods, prices, yes…EVERYTHING is changed!  Luckily, the Canadian staff is equally as nice as the US Amtrak staff!
Sights seen along the way….

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