fullsizeoutput_d7aUpon arriving at Chicago’s Union Station, we were promptly greeted by a Red Cab service cart.  These guys do nothing but assist passengers with their luggage and transport them to where they need to go. Union Station is comparable to Grand Central Station in New York.  It is enormous and filled with many passengers looking to find their next train.  It was nice not to have to worry about where to go.
After picking up all our luggage and loading it on to the cart, our Red Cab driver asked if we were in a Sleeping Car and then proceeded to take us and another passenger to the Metropolitan Lounge, IMG_1062which is available only to those who are in the Sleeping Car.
Security in this area is high.  As you walk in you are greeted by 2 security personnel who require everyone to show their ticket prior to entering.  There is a room with surveillance cameras, where passengers can safely store their heavy luggage while they relax in the lounge area.
The Metropolitan Lounge consists of 3 floors. fullsizeoutput_d6a The first floor has an area offering free non-alcoholic drinks and snacks,  tables and chairs along with sectionals and other seating.  This is one of their more social rooms where passengers can meet and chat about their travels.
IMG_1044The second floor is more for the passenger who is looking for an area in which to work on their computers or make phone calls.
The third floor is the Quiet Zone.  This area has soft, comfortable wing-back chairs and pillowy sectional seating.
There are also ladies walking about taking orders for mixed drinks and offering free fancy chocolates (we jumped on the fancy chocolates!)
The bathroom areas are impeccably clean and fresh.  There are even showers for passengers to use, with towels and other needed toiletries available at the counter.
The children’s waiting area has child-sized round tables and chairs along with some games and a large flat screen tv showing, what else?– Disney movies.
fullsizeoutput_d83The changes made to the Metropolitan Lounge at Chicago’s Union Station since we last visited, are beautifully done in an Art Deco theme.  Tons of shiny marble, steel, copper, and other metals.  Of course, the rest of Union Station is also getting an intense face lift.  The Great Room is too stunning for words–high glass domed ceilings, large brass clocks, tall sculptured columns, beautiful rich dark wood pews, and amazing staircases–oh, those staircases!
Of course, the upper-level floors also include a Food Court, sports bar, souvenir shops and more!
If you’re ever in Chicago, whether you fly in or drive, be sure to visit Chicago’s Union Station.  It will be worth the trip.
Click on the pics below to see more of Chicago’s Union Train Station…

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