After much research, planning, and anticipation the day finally arrived!  We had finally heard the “All aboard!” call, by the Amtrak train conductor!   
Quite unexpectedly, the morning we boarded the Amtrak train, it was raining and the temperature had cooled to a semi-tolerable level.  Nevertheless, we knew we were headed to a high temperature of 75 degrees and a night time low in the 50s!  Just the thought of this makes us jump for joy!  If you’ve never spent a summer in Texas you may not understand fully the excitement this brings us.
We even went digging into our Fall/Winter clothes boxes for a few sweaters and yes, even a light jacket!  I’m sure the locals in Canada will get a good chuckle at our “heavy attire” as we tour their lovely cities!
 Our bedroom is spacious and includes everything we could possibly need and want as we travel.
It has an in-room bathroom, shower, sink, a sofa (which folds down into a  twin size bed), and a second bed which will drop down from the top.  On the opposite end there is a single seat that swivels, and in between the chair and the sofa, there is a drop down table which is working well at holding my laptop as I type this post.
Our attendant’s name on this run is Debra.  She seems sweet and has already offered to make herself available for anything we might need during the first leg of our journey.
Lunch was served between 12-2.  Community seating is a must on all Amtrak dining cars.  Today we sat across a woman named Julia who was traveling back home to Philadelphia after spending three months in Texas visiting friends. We shared great conversation and a delicious lunch!  Our lunch choice for today was chicken/bacon/cheese quesadilla with guacamole and salsa, garden salad, and cheesecake for dessert–I think we’ll be skipping dinner!
Nap time….
Quote of the day:  “We at Amtrak believe in “beating” the competition—NOT our passengers.”
Here are some of the sights seen along the way…
We opted not to eat dinner since we were still stuffed from our big lunch.  This turned out to be a good idea…we were not at all hungry all night!
Debra came by at 9:30, as we had requested, to turn our beds and get our room ready for the night.  While there she asked if we wanted breakfast in our room the next morning.  Since we didn’t particularly want to get up and dress to walk to the Dining Car at 7:00 am, we took the offer.
Changing into our pj’s and settling in for a restful night was the best feeling!  I’ve always loved the rocking motion of the train as well as the sound of the tracks underneath us as we sleep.  There’s a nightlight available in our room so that if we rise at night, we are not in total darkness.  All the conveniences…Thank you, Amtrak!

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