Kindergarten is without a doubt, the most amazing time in a child’s life. The growth seen from the first day of Kindergarten to the last day of Kindergarten is tremendous. Most Kindergarten students will find increased success when mom and dad are part of their learning. Prior to even beginning Kindergarten, it is important to start looking at your child’s readiness skills.
There are many ways a parent can help develop their child’s Kindergarten readiness skills. The most important, of course, is letting your child know that he/she is loved. After that, there are more basic things you can do to demonstrate to your child that learning can be fun!
Working together on activities that involve learning, yet feel just like “having fun with Mommy and Daddy” time, are the best.
As a former Kindergarten teacher, here are 6 activities I recommend all parents consider doing as they prepare their child for Kindergarten. It’s a good idea to begin these activities about 2-3 months prior to the start of school, but it’s never too late to begin.  Of course, every child is unique in their skills and abilities so be sure to take this into consideration, when beginning to work on some of these activities.
Working with YOU will lead to a more successful Kindergarten experience.
 – Practice counting to 10
  – Sing or listen to fun counting songs
  – Count while in the car
  – Count to ten as you take steps or climb up steps
 – Count everything you can think of (1-10), one by one
  – Count toy (cars, dolls, stuffed animals, etc.)
  – Count the doors in your home
  – Count forks/spoons when preparing for dinner
Practice identifying numbers 0-10
  – Play Memory Matching Game using number cards
  – Hide number cards under a table, then have child find the number you show on your card
  – Play number scramble. Call out a number and have child find it among number cards
  – Good old fashioned Flash Cards using only numbers 0-10 (you may go up to 10, if your child shows he/she is ready)
Practice saying/singing or signing the ABC song
  – Listen to a variety of ABC songs
  – Read alphabet books
  – Play with ABC puzzles
Practice identifying uppercase and lowercase letters
  – Play letter matching games
  – Play a search and find game using letters of the alphabet
  – Play simple Go Fish game using letter cards
  – Practice writing child’s first name (capitalize the first letter)
  – Have child write name in any jelly roll pan covered with a thin layer of salt or flour
  – Fill a gallon size bag with blue hair gel. Be sure to seal with postage tape, then have your child write letters over the plastic
  – Cover a table with shaving cream and have child write their name over it
  – Help child write his/her name with sidewalk chalk
Practice basic independent skills
  – Help your child wash his/her hands independently, especially after using the bathroom
  – Help your child learn how to manage their clothing after using the bathroom
  – Play “pretend” games on how to walk in line
  – Talk or read books with your child about sharing and allow time with other children in order to assist with learning to “share”
Enjoy sharing in your child’s growth in learning.

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