Let me introduce you to another one of us girls…her name is Emma! She is an English Springer Spaniel and we’ve had her since the moment she was born.

Emma is a bit on the shy side until she warms up to you—then she won’t let you to stop scratching her behind the ears!

Her favorite toy is a red Kong chew toy which she prefers filled with peanut butter.

Emma loves to go for long walks and always pretends to be ready for more, even if she IS tired and exhausted.

Being petted is second only to bath time!  She enjoys the entire process…yes, even the shampoo and the dryer!

Emma loves her kennel. She knows how to open the door by herself and is quick to run inside at bedtime…although always ready to run back out when it is time to go.

Emma’s ultimate pastime is loving on one of her many “blankies”.   We began buying her blankets when we noticed that she was walking around sucking on her ear.  She is quite skilled at quickly turning her head sideways until she’s able to get her ear in her mouth.  When she has her blankie, she leaves her ears alone.

We all love Emma.  She’s been a blessing to have around and I think she knows that.




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