Life sometimes brings us unexpected moments with the special people in our lives.  One such moment happened a few days ago.

My daughter, Missy had asked me to take my granddaughter Guenevere, IMG_0327to her orthodontist appointment.  I was happy to do so, fully expecting that she would want to return home as soon as the appointment was over.

Driving home we passed the small town of Buda (pronounced <byooda>), Texas.  We noticed a new Summer Moon, coffee shop.

Guenevere suggested we stop for a quick coffee.  With the summer heat we both chose iced coffees–Iced Half WinterMoon, and an Iced Spiced Chai.   Both were absolutely delicious and just what we needed!

The shop was fullsizeoutput_b70busy so we sat outside to enjoy our coffee.   I found myself sharing a wonderful moment of conversation with my eldest grandchild.  For a short moment—time stood still.

After our coffee, we walked a bit to take some pictures of this quaint little town.   She may quickly forget the moment we spent there, but it is sure to remain as one of my fondest memories–forever.


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