Last night, as I was struggling to get everything out of my head so I could fall asleep, it occurred to me that our trip (yep, more on this later) is only one month away!  So much to get done!  Like many people, I will admit that I am a little on the OCD side.  I like to have things well organized so that there are few, if any, surprises. fullsizeoutput_b59

Preparing everything I plan on taking with me, is where I like to start.  This year I discovered an app that provides everything someone with OCD tendencies needs, in order to to plan for a trip, or just for everyday work/play.  The app is called STYLEBOOK.The idea is to start by taking a picture of everything in my closet.  Once done, I’m able to create looks I want to put together.

The best part, is that the STYLEBOOK app also includes a packing icon, a calendar icon, a created looks icon, and several others.

fullsizeoutput_b5eHere is what my “Closet” looks like as of this writing.  I’m not finished adding everything (doing this makes me realize that I really need to donate some of my clothes)!

After I added the clothing into my virtual closet, then I began creating looks that I plan on wearing each day of our trip. fullsizeoutput_b5b

I came up with 12 looks, and planned what look I want to wear each day, based on the activities we may be doing that day.

fullsizeoutput_b5cI added these to my virtual calendar.  This is my favorite feature on the STYLEBOOK app!

When I opened the Packing icon, I simply added the looks I planned on wearing during the trip.  fullsizeoutput_b60The STYLEBOOK app displayed each clothing item I need to pack. EASY!

The app also includes a place to store Inspirations, Wish Lists, Shopping Lists, and Style Stats that tell me what item of clothing I’ve worn most this month.

Check it out…It makes life so much easier, and hopefully it will allow some much, needed sleep each night!

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